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    Kate Upton Has A Doppelganger

    That sound you hear is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition editors planning next year's cover.

    That is Ania on the left. A 22-year-old Russian fan of Kate Upton who recreated her cover pose and tweeted it at the famed model. Upton retweeted the shot, which started an onslaught of attention that culminated today in a Q&A on Sports Illustrated's new Swimsuit blog.

    SD: Did you get a lot of feedback? Did any guys try to ask you on a date?

    Ania: My twitter bio says "Mail order bride in training" and people took that quite seriously, even though it's a total joke. I'm getting a lot of marriage proposals.

    SD: Did you get more Twitter followers?

    Ania: Before the retweet I had 78. I'm currently at 2600, so yes.

    Read more of the interview over at Sports Illustrated Swim Daily.

    H/T Charlotte Cowles at The Cut.