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Jose Canseco "Made A Huge Mistake" On Twitter

Jose loves the ladies, but he could use a lesson in tact.

Jose Canseco is currently in the midst of a constant and epic war to be the craziest man on Twitter, and he's dominating it like it's 1987 and he has a needle sticking out of his ass all over again. Sure Kanye's rants are often nonsensical and delightful, but they're also few and far between. And yes, JaVale McGee is great, but there's a self-awareness to Pierre's antics that is a little too sane to truly be considered. And Horse_Ebooks? Well he's a horse — or an ebook. I'm not really sure, but regardless he's competing in a different category. As of this moment, Jose is on the top of the heap.

And like any champion, Jose's victory has gone to his head. Two months ago, the embattled former star was retweeted by a young woman. (She was mocking him, but Jose is a one man case-study in misunderstood sarcasm.) He followed her and immediately sent her a direct message. He asked her for a photo. He wasn't attracted to her. So he cut off the conversation. That happens. It's a somewhat normal, be it impersonal way of flirting, but it's not in and of itself notable.

But Jose's attempt to cut it off? Hilarious, nonsensical, and offensively rude. The young woman, known to Twitter as @Jamila203 provided BuzzFeed with the screenshot.

And the face that made Jose think he had made a huge mistake?

And How Did Jose Describe The Situation?

Never Forget

UPDATE: Canseco has responded with two tweets on the matter.

So now I know. If I ever want to be nice to one of my many fans (who love me for being all awesome on the Internet), then I'll just insult their appearance. Fans love it when insult their appearance.