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Jim Thome Hits His 610th Career Home Run, Continues To Have The Quietest Hall Of Fame Career Ever

The pride of Peoria just won't stop.

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Hannah Foslien / Getty Images

When Jim Thome played his first major league game, George H.W. Bush was President, Barack Obama was a thirty-year-old recent law school grad, and the country was eagerly awaiting the release of Dinsey's Beauty And The Beast. In the 21 years since then (that's right, come September his career will finally be able to drink a beer), Thome has hit 610 home runs. That's enough to put the farmboy slugger 7th all time. He's looking down at numbers from legends like Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams. We're watching history happen, but nobody is talking about it. So as you watch this video, remember that Thome has never been connected to drugs by any thing but conjecture based on the era during which he peaked. We have no reason not to believe this is pure.

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