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Jeremy Lin Has A Replica Of His Jersey Made Entirely Of Fruit Roll-Ups

So this is a thing. The people at Fruit Roll-Ups felt the Knicks star needed this. Why? It's really stupid.

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So on February 12th, Jeremy Lin sent this tweet:

No big deal. Just an at-reply to some friends. Quickly forgotten about, right?

Wrong! As soon as they saw it, the people at Fruit Roll-Ups must have immediately gotten on the phone with their best fruit snack artist. They also must have forgotten that Fruit Roll-Up sculpting is a labor-intensive endeavor that could take months. Because Jeremy got this in the mail yesterday, a full TWELVE WEEKS LATER.

Twitter: @!/JLin7/status/197847061775912961

How many times during those twelve weeks did this conversation have to happen:

INTERN: Hey Boss, you know that Lin jersey? I know it seemed like a good idea at the time, but you know he stopped playing really well, and now he's hurt so—

BOSS: I'm going to stop you there. Jeremy Lin said he loved us and goddammit he needs to know how much we love him back.

INTERN: I'm just saying, I think we missed the moment on this one. It was an at-reply sent a couple months ago. He's probably forgotten about it. Plus he didn't say Fruit Roll-Up he said fruit snack—

BOSS: You're fired! Also what's an "at-reply"?

The moral is, as always, nobody has their finger on the pulse quite like that snack we all used to eat in the '90s.