Inarguable Proof That Mark Sanchez Is Satan

The Jets need an exorcism.

1. Meet Mark Sanchez.

Alex Trautwig / Getty Images

He’s the starting quarterback for the New York Jets, and the man standing between the possible second coming of Jesus Christ, Tim Tebow, and the football field. He’s also probably Satan. Here’s the proof.

2. His number is 6.

Elsa / Getty Images

3. This week, Mark started for the Jets in the 666th Monday Night Football game ever.

Elsa / Getty Images

4. After the game this is how many passing touchdowns he has on the year.

5. This is his longest passing play of the year.

6. This is how many interceptions he’s had this year.

7. This is how many yards per passing attempt he’s had this year.

8. This is his completion percentage.

9. Which, sure, is not related to “6” but, man is it bad. Like evil bad.

10. And this is his passer rating, which sums up a quarterback’s performance in one number out of 158.3.

11. And if that wasn’t enough proof for you, THIS is the number of yards he’s thrown for this year.



15. The Devil tempts Jesus.

Alex Trautwig / Getty Images

“All of Secaucus can be yours.”

16. Save us, Jesus! Save us!

Alex Trautwig / Getty Images

18. Crap.

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