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    Fox Sports Ohio Cuts Two Female Fans Kissing From Rebroadcast Of Spring Training Game

    There's nothing salacious about this video. But that didn't stop it from being cut.

    The fan cutaway shot is a staple of sports broadcasts. You'll hardly ever see a sporting event come back from (or go to) commercial without one. So this shot from Sunday's Indians-Cubs Spring Training game is totally typical.

    Except that it shows two female fans kissing.

    According to BustedCoverage the clip was cut from Fox Sports Ohio's replay of the game. Seeing as the kiss was rather innocuous (a couple seconds long, and not even a bit salacious), it seems like a weird decision to excise it. Especially because the equivalent kiss between a man and a woman would almost certainly survive an edit. We've reached out to Fox Sports Ohio and are awaiting comment.

    H/T Joe Kinsey at Busted Coverage.