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    Underage Detroit Red Wings Prospect Arrested For Driving With A 0.30 BAC While Wearing A Purple Teletubby Costume

    As if drunk driving weren't embarrassing enough without costumes.

    Artist's rendering of the arrest.

    Riley Sheahan knows how to party. Last month, the minor league hockey player and former top pick of the Detroit Red Wings was arrested for driving with a blood alcohol content of nearly four times the legal limit: 0.30. That's so drunk it's almost double the level required in Michigan to violate the Super Drunk law (which is an actual thing laying out stiffer penalites for DUIs where the driver is...well...super drunk).

    But that's not the best part of the story. According to MLive, Sheahan was arrested while wearing a purple Teletubby costume. That's right, for Halloween this year Sheahan went topical: Tinky Winky.

    Sheahan is also in hot water over the fact that he was using his teammate Brendan Smith's ID, since Sheahan himself is under 21.

    But according to the police report the young hockey prospect couldn't stick to his story.

    Riley had a Michigan driver’s license in the license window in his wallet, which is what Officer Dyer used as his ID. Deputies found Riley’s Canadian license in the wallet after it was turned in with his property and he kept telling them his name was Riley.

    Riley is only 20 and I asked him if he had Branden’s (sic) ID so he could get in the bars. He shook his head yes and stated "yea."

    Somehow Sheahan still plead not guilty. Should he be convicted, the "super drunk" charge could net him to 180 days in jail and get him deported.


    Here's a photo of Sheahan from that night.

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