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Jul 13, 2011

Craziest Soccer Goals Of The Year

In honor of the US Women's World Cup team making Landon Donovan and company look bad, we put together a list of the craziest soccer goals of the year. Also the US Women are currently up 1-0 on France. So let me just say: U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! (Soccer: Where American Jingoism Is Always Totally Acceptable.) UPDATE: USA beats France 3-1.

David Bingham's Long Distance Shot

Wayne Rooney's Bicycle Kick

It happened in December '10 but it was the most recent EPL season so I'm including it. Also because this is my list.

Bicycle Kick by Wayne Rooney Manchester United... by ligomilitos

Eric Hassli Throws Down The Gauntlet

Darlington Nagbe Calls Eric Hassli And Raises Him

US Women's Soccer: Where Amazing Happens

I just made that phrase up. (What's the NBA going to do, I bet their lawyers are locked out too.)

Raul Meireles' Insane Volley

Juan Agudelo: The Great American Hope

Roberto Carlos: What Just Happened?

Osama Al Hawsawi. Heel Goal Off a Corner.

Best Accidentally Genius Goal

There are obviously more great goals. What are your favorites?