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Congrats Metta World Peace! You Just Passed 100 Career Games Suspended

A career full of destroying TV equipment, punching fans, and just flat out beating up his opponents has helped the artist formerly known as Artest get to that storied NBA milestone. 100 games suspended. Time to celebrate?

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The NBA announced its suspension of Metta World Peace last night and it was substantial. Seven games. Now some will say that seven games heading into the playoffs could have serious on-court consequences, but those people are pretending that Metta World Peace is still a vital piece to the Lakers' title chances. So instead of being all stupid like that, I decided to dig into the past and see just how many games Metta (née Ron Artest) has been forced to sit due to suspension during his NBA career. Turns out, this most recent incident has helped everyone's (least?) favorite unstable forward reach something of a milestone.

Metta World Peace's Career Suspensions:


2/26/03: 1 game for "disciplinary reasons."


2/21/01: 1 game for fighting with Glenn Robinson.

1/4/03: 3 games for throwing a TV monitor and smashing a TV camera.

1/29/03: 4 games for flipping off fans and yelling at Miami coach Pat Riley.

3/9/03: 1 game for his 6th flagrant foul "point" in a season.

3/13/03: 1 game for a flagrant foul.

3/20/03: 2 games for his 8th flagrant foul "point" in a season.

3/19/04: 1 game for elbowing Derek Anderson.

11/21/04: 72 games for going into the stands and punching fans.

4/24/06: 1 game for elbowing Manu Ginobili.

7/14/07: 7 games for pleading no contest to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

5/5/11: 1 game for hitting JJ Barea.

4/24/12: 7 games for brutally elbowing James Harden.



Congratulations, Metta. I guess.