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    Check Out Pau Gasol's Terrible Potential Logos

    These have to be a joke.

    Earlier today, Pau Gasol tweeted this.

    Along with this picture of the "work" that's been done on his logo.

    Let's break down some of the options.

    The "PG Hybrid"

    Here the letters "P" and "G" are fused together to create a superletter. A letter that only has one meaning. "Whiny, over-the-hill, Spanish big man." And the only sound that letter makes? A slight whimper. (Also it looks like someone was a fan of the since-abandoned LeBron James logo.)

    The "Lazy"

    This is just someone writing the letters "P" and "G" haphazardly. That does not a logo make. (I'm a professor of logos.)

    The "Fancy"

    This one is a little blurry, but shows promise. The "P" and "G" have some cool regal styling. Unlike the last one, this looks like it could actually be the beginnings of a logo. So that's good.

    The "What?"

    That says "Po." That's not how you spell "Pau."

    The "?"

    That's the letter "D."

    The "Gas"

    The way this one is laid out it really emphasizes the first three letters of Pau's last name. Pau Gas sounds like a cool guy, actually.

    But Pau shouldn't worry. I made the perfect logo for him.

    Sad Pau face!

    You know, that doesn't quite capture who Pau is as a player. What have we spent the last 6 years of Pau Gasol's career seeing more than anything else? What image do I most associate with Lakers-era Pau Gasol?

    Perfect. I can't look at angry, yelling Kobe without thinking of Pau.