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Check Out Pau Gasol's Terrible Potential Logos

These have to be a joke.

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Let's break down some of the options.

The "PG Hybrid"

Here the letters "P" and "G" are fused together to create a superletter. A letter that only has one meaning. "Whiny, over-the-hill, Spanish big man." And the only sound that letter makes? A slight whimper. (Also it looks like someone was a fan of the since-abandoned LeBron James logo.)


The "Fancy"

This one is a little blurry, but shows promise. The "P" and "G" have some cool regal styling. Unlike the last one, this looks like it could actually be the beginnings of a logo. So that's good.


Sad Pau face!

You know, that doesn't quite capture who Pau is as a player. What have we spent the last 6 years of Pau Gasol's career seeing more than anything else? What image do I most associate with Lakers-era Pau Gasol?

Perfect. I can't look at angry, yelling Kobe without thinking of Pau.