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Carmelo Anthony Has An Awesome Painting Of Carmelo Anthony

Have you ever dreamt of having a giant painting of yourself? Well some people (dictators, Knicks stars) don't have to dream.

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Well this is my favorite piece of news ever. Knicks star and sometimes basketball black hole Carmelo Anthony has a giant painting of himself above his fireplace. What did Melo's wife LaLa (that's not a name) say to the New York Post about it?

This past Christmas, we purchased a huge, modern picture of my husband from the artist Paul Gerben, whose studio is located in SoHo. It was great to be directly in touch with the artist himself, which enabled us to create this fantastic, very large and abstract piece that we love.

And if by "abstract" she means "photorealistic, but with purple" then she totally nailed it. She went on to talk about how much she loved cubism (paintings on dice), impressionism (paintings of Darryl Hammond), and post-impressionism (paintings of Bill Hader). You guys, LaLa really knows her art.

And I obviously have to address the obvious question. Am I a little disappointed that Melo's painting doesn't depict him as a centaur? Sure. Who among us isn't? But we should be happy that Melo lives his life, like he played basketball for Mike D'Antoni, with his head up his ass.

Plus I heard this is hanging in his bathroom...

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