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Amar'e Stoudemire's Range Rover Is Underwater

Hurricane Sandy doesn't care how much money you make or if you play for the Knicks.

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Amar'e Stoudemire is not having a great week. The Knicks just announced that he's going to miss the first six to eight weeks of the NBA season, due to needing a knee debridement (a procedure often used to treat arthritic patients, so it's good news for Knicks fans that their $100 million man needs it). And on top of that he's going to have to find a new car to drive to those doctor's appointments, after Hurricane Sandy decided that his Range Rover would make a pretty kick-ass submersible.

That said, if this picture is any indication, STAT (Standing Tall And Tender) could host an awesome Discovery Channel wilderness show. The jacket. The point. This guy's a natural. Plus, the only thing more entertaining than a jackass risking his life to film weird shit in the jungle is a giant risking his life to film weird shit in the jungle. Get off your hands, Discovery Channel, and make the call!

Via @Amareisreal on Instagram.