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They're Making A "Raging Bull" Sequel, Scorsese And De Niro Are Not Involved

This is not a hoax. This is an actual thing.

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A photo from a fight in Raging Bull II.

A photo from a fight in Raging Bull II.

So apparently a writer-director named Martin Guigui is making a film that is "both a prequel and a sequel" to not just one of the greatest sports movies of all time, but one of the greatest movies of all time, Raging Bull. Raging Bull II (I swear to God, that's what they're calling it) unsurprisingly features no involvement from Martin Scorsese or Robert De Niro.

Now you may be tempted to worry, but I think you'd be wrong. This Guigui guy seems to know what he's doing. I mean he got rid of Scorsese's idiotic decision to make the first one in black and white! That's a brilliant decision. Who among us hasn't watched the first movie and think "Jeez, didn't Marty know that they could use color? The world isn't in black and white."

And replacing De Niro in this amazing new film? Newcomer Mojean Aria will play the young Jake LaMotta, while William Forsythe will handle the older version of the boxer. Are you excited yet? No? Well then I have two names for you: Joe Mantegna and Ed Begley Jr. I know I have chills just thinking about it.

Here's what the press release says about the movie.

This film may quench the unsatisfied thirst that movie goers desire to see more of this true middleweight boxing legend as well as newcomers who want to see an action film that shows how a man's inner drive can overcome life's obstacles. Raging Bull II fills in the gaps and allows us to get to know Jake LaMotta. It answers such questions as what happened to him or what he was like as a youngster. LaMotta himself was present and providing guidance before and during the shoot.

See, isn't color better than Scorsese's dumb black and white bullshit?

See, isn't color better than Scorsese's dumb black and white bullshit?

When asked about people being nervous about such a classic film getting a sequelprequel-sequel hybrid, Forsythe responded, “I understand that because it's such an iconic, beautiful and amazing first film -- one of the great films maybe of all time. But our story has a lot more heart and I think it's a beautiful depiction of who Jake really is.”

To review. Raging Bull II is going to be just like the last movie, but with more heart. If I were William Forsythe, I would have just said, "The first movie is great, but ours is written and directed by the guy who made National Lampoon's Cattle Call, so you should be excited."

(H/t @erikmal, Indiewire, and The Calgary Herald.)

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