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    A Post To Torture All New York Jets Fans

    If ever there was something to use to mock your Jets fan friends, this is it.

    Fox Sports NFL Analyst Peter Schrager tweeted this out this morning.

    Which means, the Jets are considering the disaster that is JaMarcus Russell.

    The same JaMarcus Russell who was so bad, he couldn't keep his job as the quarterback of the very, very bad Oakland Raiders. The same JaMarcus Russell who has lost twice as many games as he's won. The same JaMarcus Russell who hasn't played since 2009.

    And "running through a barren wasteland" Brady Quinn.

    The same Brady Quinn who somehow has a WORSE starting quarterback record than JaMarcus Russell who is arguably the worst draft bust in the history of the NFL.

    Ladies and gentlemen, your New York Jets!

    Rick Stewart / Getty Images

    At least one person in the New York Jets family is happy about this.

    Bill Kostroun / AP