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    A LeBron James Dunk Killed A Human Last Night

    Metaphorically. LeBron James' dunks have not been classified as deadly weapons... Yet.

    Last night during the Miami Heat's epic comeback against the Boston Celtics, Boston's Jason Terry had about as embarrassing a play as you can have.

    Michael Dwyer / AP

    First he had the ball stolen from him.

    Then he tried (and failed) to make a steal.

    And then he got dunked on by the greatest basketball player in the world.

    Watching it all together is almost sad. Like watching Joe Pesci going to "get made" in Goodfellas, Jason Terry has no idea what's about to happen to him.

    This topped the previous leader for greatest dunk of 2013: The assassination of Brandon Knight by the Clipper DeAndre Jordan.

    Jordan even took to Twitter after LeBron's huge dunk to pass his crown onto the King.

    How do you feel about that LeBron?

    Dance on, King James. Dance on.

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