8 Reasons Donald Driver Will Win “Dancing With The Stars”

Steve Urkel might as well go home. The Green Bay Packers wide receiver has this thing locked down.

1. He Can Take The Carlton To The Next Level

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Carlton didn’t do high kicks when he did it.

2. He Can Both Do It And Put His Back Into It

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3. He Can Break Dance

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And he doesn’t even need cardboard, which we all know is forbidden in the “Dancing With The Stars” bylaws.

4. He Can Dance On Point

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And can dance the black, white, and red swans effectively.

5. He Does A Very Moving, Laid-Back Version Of The Rumba

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It’s way better than Victor Cruz’s salsa dance.

6. His Hokey Pokey Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

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When he put his right leg in, I was captivated. When he put it out, I was moved. When he put it back in I was weeping.

7. His Work With Partners Is Unconventional, But Beautiful

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(Getty Images)

8. His Moves Look Great In Motion

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