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58 Shows That Had Better Ratings Than The Stanley Cup Finals

A rerun of Rules Of Engagement drew a bigger audience! RULES OF ENGAGEMENT! That's that David Spade show you forgot existed!

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The idea that hockey is dead as a mainstream sport is well-worn territory. We know, nobody cares about those toothless guys on skates. What we didn't know was to what extent nobody cared. Here are the number of viewers for the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals.


To give this some perspective, I went through last week's ratings and put together a list of all the programs that had more total viewers than the Stanley Cup finals.

Note 1: Not all time slots are equal, and not all nights are equal so this isn't a one-to-one comparison. But championships are supposed to draw viewers regardless of scheduling, and especially when they have games on network television.

Note 2: Yes these are all real shows.





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