27 Photos Of People Losing Their Damn Minds

    With each new year comes the "Polar Bear Plunge," where people go swimming in freezing cold water, and with each "Polar Bear Plunge" comes a whole bunch of people who will get hypothermia.

    The many insane faces of the Polar Bear Plunge:

    1. The "Yeah I'm a goat boxer. Deal with it." Face

    2. The "I'm the real most interesting man in the world." Face

    3. The "This is the worst wedding ever." Face

    4. The "I regret this Speedo." Face

    5. The "Penguins are so great that I forget that I'm cold!" Face

    6. The "Devil isn't in the details, he's in these shorts." Face

    7. The "Why did I let my friend convince me to do this?" Face

    8. The "Yes, this is a suit made from Metrocards. It's cost-efficient." Face

    9. The "My brain is so cold that has tricked me into thinking this doesn't hurt. Woo!" Face

    10. The "Father-son hypothermia combo." Face

    11. The "This bikini was a mistake." Face

    12. The "I'm a lovely lady." Face

    13. The "I am the conqueror of the wOHMYGODI'MFREEZING." Face

    14. The "This isn't nearly as bad as that time I woke up with penises drawn on my face!" Face

    15. The "Why not?" Face

    16. The "I sold my Redskins tickets to be here." Face

    17. The "Yep, I'm dressed as Godzilla." Face

    The "These gloves are not as helpful as I imagined they'd be." Face

    18. The "Run! Run to your dooms!" Face

    19. The "Okay guys, this is actually not a functioning wet suit." Face

    20. The "Not only is it cold, but it's probably too shallow to dive, but I don't care about that either." Face

    21. The "My flip's better." Face


    23. The "Why are all these people here for my pre-Packers game ritual?" Face

    24. The "No seriously, I just came here to tell you guys to call me 'Captain'" Face

    25. The "Is it too late to go back?" Face

    26. The "Wasn't this supposed to be fun?" Face