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    25 Signs You Were Addicted To Backyard Baseball

    Pablo Sanchez couldn't speak English. He only spoke the language of baseball.

    1. This sound brings you immediate joy.

    2. As does this one.

    3. You thought it was weird they chose Jocinda to be the first player featured in the introduction.

    4. You always wished you had a treehouse this awesome.

    5. You hated Tin Can Alley and its lack of home runs.

    6. You got in fights with your friends over what the best name combinations were.

    7. You still can't believe more games haven't adopted this "system."

    8. You knew that only an idiot would pick anyone but Pablo Sanchez first.

    9. And you knew that his nickname was terrible, because there was nothing secret about it.

    10. You also knew that Kiesha Phillips was by far the second best player in the game.

    11. You always felt bad, because the other kids totally used Ernie Steele...

    For his awesome back yard.

    12. You are still completely convinced that Pete Wheeler would beat Usain Bolt in a footrace.

    13. You sometimes wish the baseball team you cheer for in real life had Kenny "Greg Maddux in a wheelchair" Kawaguchi pitching for it.

    14. You often wished you could break out one of the "special" pitches at one of your little league games.

    15. You knew better than to pick Sidney Webber...

    16. Unless you were also going to pick her twin sister Ashley.

    17. You still feel kind of bad for Marky Dubois and his frog because it really seemed like he was homeless.

    18. Jocinda Smith annoyed the crap out of you, because she was really cocky and was only like the fifth best player.

    19. You knew that if you beat the game and then hit shift while clicking on Mr. Clanky, you could use him in pick-up games.

    20. And you always did, because he's a robot who plays baseball. Only morons would turn their backs on something that cool.

    21. You'll never understand how Angela Delvecchio could be such a good pitcher but not be able to throw in the field.

    22. You picked Angela's older brother because he was cool. Not because he was good.

    23. You made fun of your friends for turning on the "pitch locator" because they were cheating babies.

    24. You still wish you could be friends with Vinnie "The Gooch."

    He is, was, and always will be the greatest announcer of all time.

    25. And most importantly, it offends you to your very soul that Pablo, Ashley, and Sidney...

    Look like this in the new games.