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    21 Reasons To Love The Mind-Blowing New Sport Of "Trampoline Wall"

    Introducing extreme athlete Christophe Hamel and the craziest sport you've never heard of.

    "Trampoline Wallers" are awesome because...

    1. Sometimes they blow your mind with flips.

    2. No, I mean it.

    3. I'm not kidding.

    4. *Mind explodes*

    5. Sometimes they do it outside.

    6. Sometimes they do it off rocks, which seems crazy dangerous.

    7. Sometimes the danger seems out of control, like doing it into a parking garage.

    8. Or off this pole.

    9. Or off this pole and then flipping into a landing.

    10. It takes a lot of upper body strength to do it well.

    11. And balance. Without balance you could never land in a handstand like this one.

    12. Sometimes it's the beginning of the move that kicks ass.

    13. Like this flip-start. Whoa.

    14. Sometimes it's the finish that is awesome.

    15. Like this one.

    16. Or this.

    17. Sometimes their flips dazzle crowds.

    18. Sometimes they're just working out alone.

    19. Sometimes it seems like they're defying gravity.

    20. They always make it look fun.

    21. But mostly they just do awesome things like this.