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15 Things That Have Happened Since Jamie Moyer's First Major League Win

Last night, at 49 years old, Jamie Moyer became the oldest pitcher in Major League history to win a game. A lot has happened since his first big league win on June 16, 1986.

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1. A-Rod Hit 630 Home Runs

Six of them were off of Jamie Moyer.
J. Meric / Getty Images

Six of them were off of Jamie Moyer.

2. The Fox Television Network Launched

3. Ken Griffey Jr. Played His Entire Career

4. Michael Jackson Released "Bad"

5. Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, and 232 Other NBA Players Were Born

6. The Berlin Wall Fell

7. All Four Die Hard Movies Were Released

8. 24 Teams Opened New Ballparks

Major League Baseball has 30 teams.
Sarah Glenn / Getty Images

Major League Baseball has 30 teams.

9. Mike Dukakis Ran A Presidential Campaign

10. Jamie Moyer Faced 8% Of All Major League Hitters... Ever

11. Michael Jordan Won Six Championships

12. Seven Movies In The Friday The 13th Franchise Were Released

13. Every Single Episode Of Seinfeld And Friends Aired

14. Computers Changed A Lot

15. And So Did Jamie Moyer

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