15 Reasons "Thunderstruck" Will Be The Greatest Movie Of All Time

The new Kevin Durant family-comedy is going to be this generation’s “Casablanca.” Plus Jim Belushi!

This is the trailer for "Thunderstruck." It's a movie where Kevin Durant swaps "talent" with a 16-year old "klutz" named Brian.

1. It has awesome special effects.

2. These are the kind of "badass" faces Brian makes.

3. After they magically "switch talent," Brian can do this…

4. While Kevin Durant can only do this…

5. It has Jim Belushi in it.

6. At one point he makes this "bewildered" face.

7. After Brian gets Durant's talent he gets a friend who looks like a mini Jay-Z.

8. Durant has an assistant that does "funny" things. Like dodge a ball in a goofy way…

9. Or attack a teenager with a taser.

10. The trailer has a super sweet uniform-style font.

11. Reggie Miller is perfectly cast as a character named The Worst Announcer Of All Time.

Though i suppose it may be changed back to “Reggie Miller” by the time the movie comes out.

12. It features a really believable photoshop of a popular magazine.

13. Kevin Durant shows off some sick dance moves.

14. Kevin durant shows off some sick saluting skills.

15. Kevin Durant shows off his sick understanding of exactly what the audience thinks about this trailer.

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