11 Ways To Get Inspired Right Now

No matter what the situation, this post will get you pumped up to do whatever you have to do. And it’s powered by some of the best moments in sports movie history.

1. Worried about dealing with someone better than you?

2. Feeling too much pressure?

3. Thinking of quitting?

4. Need help overcoming a failure?

5. Having trouble keeping the faith?

6. Does everything seem overwhelming?

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7. Struggling to work with your co-workers or classmates?*

*Admittedly this works better if you are live in early ’70s Virginia and are dealing with racial tensions.

8. Feeling unappreciated?

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9. Too much of a perfectionist?

10. Need motivation to work out more?

11. Afraid of the future?

The text of this speech is from a poem by Marianne Williamson.

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