11 Things We Learned From The 16 Second Preview Of Oprah's Lance Armstrong Interview

    Thanks for nothing, OWN.

    1. It will feature Lance Armstrong.

    2. It will also feature Oprah.

    3. The producer at OWN has a sense of humor and used the Livestrong font.

    4. Oprah will look concerned.

    5. Lance will be nervous and teary.

    6. At one point he will make this face.

    7. It's being advertised like a boxing match.

    8. Behind Lance and Oprah will be this plate on which Lance will likely present his lies to Oprah.

    9. There will also be these candles and a bottle which will probably be used in some sort of ritual burning and cleansing of Lance's soul.

    10. There will be a box full of Lance's secrets.

    11. And they will both have glasses of water.

    Watch all 16 seconds here.

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