11 Things That Were True The Last Time Notre Dame Won The National Title

Notre Dame has a shot tonight to end a 25-year title drought. What did the world look like the last time they took home the trophy?

1. Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry Be Happy" was the biggest song of the year.

2. "Rambo III" topped the year's box office.

3. George H.W. Bush had just been elected President.

4. Kirk Gibson's game-winning World Series home run captured the country's imagination.

5. Wrigley Field had held its first night game only months prior.

6. The world had not yet had a real Batman movie.

7. The Berlin Wall still stood.

8. Ben Johnson had just set the new world record in the 100m at the Seoul Olympics only to test positive for steroids and have his gold medal stripped.

9. Barack Obama was only 27 years old.

Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press / MCT

10. "Yo! MTV Raps" had just debuted.

11. Not a single member of Notre Dame's football team was born.

Michael Conroy, File / AP

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