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11 Must-See GIFs From The NFL's Sixth Week

Epic fist pumps, dumb luck, and awesome celebrations galore.

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1. Sam Bradford's (Somehow Not) Back-Breaking Touchdown Run

During St. Louis' loss to Miami on Sunday, Sam Bradford ran for a touchdown, but got crushed in the process. I don't know how he was able to walk after. People aren't supposed to bend that way unless they're 15-year-old female gymnasts, and even that's a stretch.

2. Tom Brady's Pass Through The Five Hole

The Pats had a rough day in their loss to Seattle. No moment summed it up better than this Tom Brady's second intentionally grounded pass of the day. The lineman's reaction is just priceless. "Oh shit, not the baaaaaaaaall!"

4. Christian Ponder's Knuckleball

In actuality, Adrian Peterson was pushed into Ponder which dislodged the ball, but from this angle it just looks like the type of glitch you see in Madden that makes you bitch about how much you miss NFL 2K5.


5. Jim Schwartz's 540° Fist Pump

In Tony Hawks Pro Skater this is worth a solid 15,000 points. More if you manual in and out of it.

The Lions coach was pretty pumped about his team's comeback win over the Eagles.

6. Matt Ryan's Dumb Luck

I wanted to talk about how this play summed up the cosmic "season of destiny" that the Falcons seem to currently be riding, but then I remembered that it came against Oakland. So this is probably more indicative of the Raiders' "decade of horror."


9. JJ Watt's Belt-Throwing Sack Celebration

Even though the Texans got worked by Green Bay, this was a pretty awesome move. After JJ Watt sacked Aaron Rodgers, he did Aaron Rodgers championship belt celebration only to mime throwing the belt on the ground and giving a nice salute. I like a celebration that has a full narrative to it. JJ Watt is the Paul Thomas Anderson of football celebrations.

11. Greg Little's Decision To Get Rid Of The Browns' Gatorade

Greg Little felt that team hadn't earned hydration in recent weeks, so he did something about it. Without the distraction of something to drink the Browns finally got their first win of the season.