jpiringer musician, poet and media artist living in vienna, austria. He is a member of the vegetable orchestra and the institute for transacoustic research. He works as a freelance artist and researcher in the fields of electronic music, radio art, sound an...
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  • Konsonant - Experiment With Letters & Sounds!

    Play with letters and sounds, build acoustic machines, control morphing clouds and experiment with the alphabet! Enjoy the sounds and shapes of letters by line drawing, physics simulations or acoustic networks in the four sound games included in the app.

  • Make Music With Everything

    Record your voice, your fridge, your neighbour’s dog or let your iPhone or iPad speak and make rhythms out of the sounds immediately. RealBeat concentrates on simplicity and fast results. No steep learning curve or cluttered screens! Get creative in an instant! Watch Video ›

  • Gravity Tweets

    Reading your tweets has never been so beautiful! Relax while reading your twitter feed, twitter search or even your own text message. Watch your twitter timeline as a stream of tweets that wither away and renew themselves throughout the day. It’s simply amazing to watch the characters fall and topple over each other as if they were real objects. Watch Video ›

  • Second Stage: The Vegetable Orchestra

    Twelve produce-players assemble the arrangements and instruments. Before each recording and live show, the orchestra hits the markets and loads up on fresh and dried fruits and veggies. The musicians then painstakingly finesse the harvest with various tools — testing them all along the way — to produce the sounds they need. Often, multiple vegetables become Frankensteined together.

  • The Vegetable Orchestra recording the album ONIONOISE

    ONIONOISE is the third CD by The Vegetable Orchestra, an ensemble unique to the world of music which is committed to the exploration of the acoustic qualities of vegetables. In addition to performing on the international concert circuit, the 12-people collective from Vienna has spent the last dozen years experimenting with the building of vegetable instruments, industriously unearthing the acoustic universe of roots and legumes, cabbages and courgettes. All the instruments used are exclusively made from vegetables: from fresh as well as dried plant material such as carrot, leek, celery root, artichoke, dried pumpkin and onion skin. All these components are used for building organic instruments and sound generators which usually only last for one concert or one day in the studio. In addition to the vegetables, various utensils like record players or power drills are used to create unusual noises and to add unexpected texture to the music. Watch Video ›

  • Gravity Clock

    Watching the time pass has never been so beautiful! gravity clock visualizes the passage of time by the permanent destruction and reconstruction of the clock-face. Every second the hand breaks numbers out of the dial and lets them drop to the floor where they get buried by the following numbers and eventually wither away to make room for the endless succession of time. link to more info… Watch Video ›

  • Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    Create and control tiny sound-creatures in the shape of letters that react to gravity or each other and generate rhythms and soundscapes. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz blends biology, physics, chemistry and art to create a unique and dynamic sound ecology. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is a sound toy, a performance tool and an art work in its own right. You can play with the letter-creatures and watch and listen how they interact with each other or use them to produce soundscapes like you would with an electronic musical instrument. link to more info… Watch Video ›

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