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    29 Things From Wayfair That’ll Upgrade Your Bathroom Without Requiring A Ton Of Work

    Only the best for your throne room.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A tissue box cover to adorn your bathroom countertop so you can add a touch of elegance to your basic needs. Available in either gold or chrome, this dishwasher-safe bathroom accessory has beaded details and at 6 square inches, won't take up too much precious counter space.

    A tissue box cover in gold made from resin

    2. A heavy-duty toilet bowl brush and holder for a good way to keep this essential cleaning tool nearby without needing to hide it behind your latrine.

    A bronze steel toilet bowl brush and holder

    3. A freestanding toilet paper holder that can also hold extra rolls in plain sight so no more rummaging around for another roll of toilet paper when you run out mid... go.

    A toilet paper holder with extra rolls

    4. A soap dish sure to last and keep your countertops scum-free. The steel design, bronze finish, and non-slip base make this simple bathroom accessory stand out probably more than it should.

    A bronze soap dish

    5. Or a bathroom accessory tray to elevate everything from candles to bobby pins to nail clippers. Made from resin and metal, this tray's sleek design will be a standout way to add some functionality to your bathroom surfaces.

    reviewer image of the tray

    6. A four-piece vanity set for your bathroom countertop so you can restore some order to your morning and evening routine. This set with a white marble finish comes with a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, bathroom tumbler, and tray, allowing you to easily get everything you need in a stylish, cohesive way.

    A white marble colored vanity set of four items - a soap dispenser, bathroom tumbler, toothbrush holder, and tray

    7. A hair tool organizer that'll give you more space on your countertop and underneath your sink than you ever thought possible. A blowdryer alone takes up a lot of space, but if you're also someone who has a curling iron and a variety of combs and brushes, this over-the-door organizer turns that mess of a cabinet into a beautiful, organized space.

    Over-the-door hair tool organizer made from a metal wire mesh basket and blowdryer caddy

    8. A mirror with LED lights so you can spot the spots you're trying to conceal as you get ready in the morn. This mirror can be mounted horizontally or vertically and includes a built-in defogger so there's less wait time to start applying the finishing touches when you're done in the shower.

    A mirror with LED lights hung horizontally

    9. A linen shower curtain to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom in a flash. This machine washable linen curtain is pleated and comes with a button detail in the middle for added style factor. Plus, the two-tone pattern, available in a variety of colors, is a calming sight and can bring together your entire bathroom.

    10. A toilet seat cover for one of the easiest ways to add some style in a place most people wouldn't expect it. This plastic-made decal has a grey pattern and easily sticks to both elongated and rounded toilet seat lids. Use this to add a vibrant look to your bathroom throne.

    Toilet decal in a silver pattern design

    11. An over-the-toilet organizer sure to keep your small bathroom clutter free and well-maintained. With three shelves, you'll be able to keep an ample supply of bathroom linens and other supplies in this modern and functional piece.

    12. A shower pole caddy that will keep the corners of your tub free from clutter. With four L-shaped baskets, this caddy can hold everything you need and makes separating your shampoo from your roomie's a breeze.

    A shower corner-caddy with four shelves

    13. An accent shelf to give yourself more storage *and* more decorating options. Mount this shelf to your wall and adorn it with unique decorative pieces to elevate the theme of your bathroom, especially if counter space is limited.

    An espresso-colored accent shelf mounted above the toilet.

    14. Or a hanging shower caddy with four shelves so your washcloths no longer need to hang over the faucet or shower curtain rod. Available in either bronze or chrome, the four shelves slide out to accompany shower heads with hoses and expand to make space for taller bottles.

    reviewer image of the caddy hanging on a shower

    15. And if luxury is your middle name, a bath caddy that'll make your after-work soak so much more relaxing. This wooden bath caddy makes it easy to watch your phone or tablet, read a book, and even sip some wine while soaking in the bath.

    A bathtub caddy in dark wood stretched across the tub

    16. A waste basket for bringing a stylish touch to your garbage area. Say goodbye to that old plastic bin you've had for years and step into elegance with this wicker piece.

    A waste basket in wicker near a toilet

    17. A freestanding bathroom cabinet to add some function and elegance to your restroom. If you have more bathroom items than space, this cabinet can be a lifesaver. Keep your cleaning supplies, backup rolls of toilet papers, and even additional linens in this four-drawer cabinet that can be placed anywhere.

    A freestanding white cabinet with four-drawers in a reviewer bathroom

    18. A towel ring so your towels can be on display and in reach for guests. Get one towel ring for a small hand towel or a set to use for all your bathroom linens!

    A silver towel ring with a towel hanging from it

    19. Or a mounted towel rack that can add some elegance to your bathroom walls and keep your linens organized at the same time. Roll your towels up, no matter what their size, and keep them tucked away in one of the five towel holders on this mounted rack made from industrial cast iron.

    A black towel rack mounted on a rack

    20. A shower bench perfect for the bathrooms without a tub — take a seat on this and just... pretend. Use it to sit and soak under a hot shower or use it to store additional bathroom supplies!

    A wooden shower bench

    21. A multi-function dual showerhead that'll take your shower time to a new level and probably keep you under the water longer than usual. This showerhead allows you to operate the showerhead and hand shower at the same time and also comes with a unique pause setting to give yourself time to lather.

    22. A floating glass bath shelf for an eye-catching way to keep your small bathroom organized and decorative. These tempered shelves are perfect for displaying more decorative items in your bathroom.

    23. A mountable tumbler to make it easy for you to take what you need from the sink to the shower. The versatility of the tumbler is only matched by the convenience it has with the vacuum seal grip attachment, which you can use to mount on your shower door, vanity mirror, or a wall area near your sink.

    24. A fog-free suction mirror you can hang in your shower that'll make washing up a little more convenient. Use this mirror for everything from sectioning and washing your hair to shaving, if that's your vibe. The easy-to-use suction means you can place it anywhere in your bathroom and the anti-fog tech means you'll be able to see throughout the entire shower!

    A fog-resistant bathroom mirror mounted by two suction cups

    25. A toothbrush holder that will bring together the nautical theme of your bathroom. This decorative toothbrush holder, which holds up to four toothbrushes, looks like it was found on a shipwreck with its resin-made rope finish and starfish details

    26. A peel-and-stick wallpaper for an easy DIY addition to your morning routine. Stick it all over the wall if you're feeling bold, or, like the reviewer below, add it to a small portion for just a *pop* of design.

    the wallpaper in a reviewer's bathroom

    27. A toilet brush and plunger holder to keep those important bathroom tools nearby without being so obvious. Brushes and plungers are both a necessity but with this metal, free-standing holder in matte or bronze, you won't feel like you're entering a utility closet everytime you have to pee.

    A toilet plunger and brush holder in chrome

    28. A clear bathroom storage container making it easy to find those small, everyday items. Put your Q-tips and cleaning pads in this container to make them easy to reach and see when you're running low.

    A clear storage container with gauze and q-tips

    29. And a piece of bathroom wall art that's a good reminder to you and your guests of what should go on in your latrine. Wash, brush, floss, flush — the bathroom essentials.

    A piece of wall art that says, "Wash, brush, floss, flush."

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