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    31 Things From Wayfair That'll Actually Make The Most Of Small Spaces

    No space, no problem.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A hanging shoe organizer to keep your kicks collection in check. If you're the type of person who has more shoes than space, you're going to want to get this organizer, which holds up to 30 pairs of shoes.

    A hanging shoe organizer in tan for 30 pairs of shoes

    2. A small dresser perfect for a home with lots of clothes and not a lot of space. This is perfect for small spaces with its vertical design so it takes up wall space, not floor space.

    the tan dresser

    3. A mobile clothes rack that can make up for the lack of closet space you may be suffering from. At a height of 36" and wheels to make it mobile, this rack has a lot of versatility without taking up a lot of room.

    A mobile clothes rack

    4. A pedestal dining table with a tempered glass surface that'll be your space-saving solution to in-home dining. This bar height round glass table with a chrome-colored base can be used to dress up a corner or a window when paired with stools.

    A bar height glass table with chrome base and two tall chairs

    5. A narrow nightstand to make your nighttime routine a lot smoother. If you thought your bed took up too much space to add a nightstand, think again. This piece has two drawers, and an open shelf, all in a minimalist design that is perfect for a small space.

    A white nightstand with two drawers and a shelf in a bedroom

    6. A metal vertical shelving unit for the bathroom to hold towels, toiletries, makeup kits, and whatever other items you'll need to make your bathroom feel neat and spacious.

    A metal shelf with six racks

    7. A small desk if you're tired of working from your bed or couch because you couldn't find a desk that would fit your small space. Enter: this piece. It has plenty of room for a laptop and desk lamp plus fits in that tiny corner of space in your room.

    A white desk with two drawers

    8. Or a floating wall desk that'll make any room in your home part office. The clean lines make this desk aesthetically pleasing no matter where you put it, and you don't even have to use floor space to install it! Just attach it to your wall and you're ready to go.

    A cinnamon colored floating wall desk

    9. A pair of swivel adjustable bar stools with back support so you and your guests can sit in style while not taking up to much space. These can fit perfectly pushed under a counter or tall table so they're out of the way when you don't need them.

    10. An over-the-toilet storage unit for the more contemporary bathroom aesthetic. Make your place feel like a hip spa with this industrial-designed shelving unit that has four wooden shelves and a sturdy metal frame. The functional design also includes a toilet paper holder, four hooks, and raised edges on the shelves to prevent items from falling over.

    11. An over-the-door ironing board to smooth out your small living space. Even ironing boards that fold up can take up precious space, so with this steel-made board that hooks onto your door, you get more bang for your buck. Now you can iron your clothes on something other than your dining room table.

    An over-the-door ironing board folded out

    12. A toilet paper holder that will put your guests at ease. The functional design of this toilet paper holder means you can always keep at least two extra rolls within arm's reach and the top basket can hold anything your odor fresheners or moist towels.

    A  silver toilet paper holder with a top basket

    13. A wall-mounted towel rack for the person who doesn't like to leave things hanging. Forget hanging up your towels, roll them up instead and store them in this metal, six-tier rack that will maximize the unused wall space in your bathroom.

    14. A hair tool organizer to help keep your bathroom from looking like a beauty salon. Hairbrushes, hot irons, and hair dryers will no longer have to be strewn about on your counter or under the sink with this over-the-cupboard hair tool holder. Plus, it includes a caddy and two hooks to keep wires tangle-free.

    A metal hair tool organizer hanging over the door

    15. A 12-pair metal shoe holder that can easily fit underneath your bed. If closet floor space is your problem, this shoe holder will help solve it, giving you 24 trees that hold 12 pairs of shoes to keep your collection under control.

    A 12-pair wire shoe holder on wheels

    16. A shower caddy for showers of any height. This four-shelf caddy's tension pole extends to fit your needs, and the open wire design means your wet products will properly air dry instead of collecting water when they're put back in place.

    A 4-shelf shower caddy

    17. A fabric-lined under-bed storage container to keep those seasonal clothes and accessories out of the way. This soft storage solution will protect your items from the dust and dirt under your bed and maximize your closet space.

    the fabric organizer filled with purses and shoes

    18. Or a set of four plastic storage containers with wheels for easy mobility and handle lock lids. These containers can easily move from underneath your bed whenever you need to access their contents but stay hidden away when you don't wish to see them.

    19. An accent wall shelf that looks good even before you decorate it. Place this baby vertically for three tiers of shelving, or flip it horizontally for two tiers. Either way you position it, your wall is going to look like a gallery when you add one of these to it.

    A wall shelf with 3 tiers of shelves in white

    20. A hat storage container to keep a lid on all your lids (lol). The clear plastic casing makes it easy for you to decide which hat to wear before you even open up the bag and with enough space to hold 15 hats, you shouldn't have to worry about any brims getting bent out of shape.

    A plastic hat holder containing 15 baseball caps

    21. A square ottoman with storage space so you can clear up some of that living room mess *and* add a cute decor piece. Comfort, elegance, and organization make this ottoman an ideal piece.

    22. A three-cube bookcase perfect for the narrow spaces in your home. This shelving unit is what you get when there's not a lot of room left but there's still a lot of clutter. With three shelves, this piece has tons of versatility, using it to hold anything from books to bathroom linens.

    23. Or a metal bookcase in a tall and narrow design that's perfect for the person who is going for a more modern decor vibe but still wants to maximize space. The light design makes a space seem bigger and the shelves are simple, allowing for what you put on each shelf to pop.

    A black metal shelving unit with 4 shelves

    24. A column floor lamp that will give you some extra lighting without taking up extra space. Not only will this lamp give your space some more light, but it also comes with three shelves for more storage if you need it. Versatility, people!!

    A floor lamp with 3 shelves

    25. A wooden storage bench with a padded seat that's comfortable and convenient. WIth slats underneath for storage, taking your shoes off when you enter the home has never been so comfortable (or space-efficient!).

    A wooden bench with a padded top and storage space.

    26. A shelving rack for your kitchen pantry to hold mugs, bowls, plates, or spices. If space is a problem in the kitchen, these racks will help, adding additional storage space maybe your landlord forgot to include originally.

    A white steel shelving rack with plates on it

    27. A pan organizer that can stack your pans and their lids vertically or horizontally. With this divider, getting out a skillet will no longer be such a noisy ritual. The vinyl-coated finish will also give it staying power and prevent it from rusting.

    28. A recycling bag cabinet door organizer to keep your leftover grocery bag collection organized. No more stuffing one bag into another. Instead, use this organizer to keep those bags from your next grocery run in one neat place — hidden on the inside of a cabinet door.

    the plastic bag organizer filled with bags

    29. A pair of floating wall shelves with a more simple modern style. These shelves, which come in a variety of sizes, will add more space to your home meaning you can use them for function in your closet to stack shoes and other clothing accessories or place them on your visible walls for accents such as plants.

    two floating wall shelves in white with plants and other decor on them

    30. A 2-in-1 trash and recycling bin that can fit in your small kitchen without taking up a lot of space. Instead of two separate bins for your trash and recycling waste, this 13-gallon bin has compartments for both and opens by using a motion sensor.

    31. And a room divider because sometimes you just want a little more privacy in your small living quarters. This divider is made with heavy-duty rice paper and solid wood, so it will stand sturdy wherever you place it and still look good when not in use.

    a white room divider separating a desk from the other part of a reviewer's home

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