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    30 Things From Wayfair That Just Might Make You Think "My Bathroom Needs An Upgrade"

    You weren't thinking it before, but you're definitely thinking it now.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A freestanding bath caddy because it's never a bad idea to add some luxury to your bathtub. Make bathtime feel like a spa day with this baby designed to hold your favorite book or tablet while soaking. The tray also includes slots to hold wine glasses, a candle, and even your phone!

    A freestanding bathtub caddy

    2. A floral single shower curtain that will brighten up your bathroom with its cascading floral design.

    reviewer image of the shower curtain with orange flowers on it

    3. A shower caddy designed to look good and handle all the heavy lifting at the same time. This four-shelf shower caddy has removable baskets, which makes it work even for showers with a hose. The shelves also expand so they can hold taller bottles, so you don't have to practice the art of precariously balancing bottles and hoping they don't fall.

    the shower caddy hanging over a shower head with bottles of shampoo and conditioner in it

    4. A shower shelf for adding even more storage space to your bathtub in a more luxe way. The sleek finish on the shelves has a concealed wall attachment, which can stick to multiple surfaces. It'll look as if you had someone professionally install this new addition when really all it took was you and a drill.

    Two hanging shower shelves

    5. A tension pole that can add some storage to your bathroom in a stylish way. This four-shelf tension pole extends from 5 feet to 9 feet in height for use in bathrooms with high ceilings and each basket is vented to allow for products to dry quickly, aka no more gross musty stench emanating from your shower caddy.

    A four-shelf tension pole shower caddy

    6. A set of vinyl peel-and-stick subway tile because you want to give your bathroom a different look without having to go through a whole gut renovation. These easy-to-clean vinyl tile stickers are perfect as a bathroom backsplash and are resistant to your bathroom's humidity. Plus whenever you feel like switching things up again, they're easy to remove.

    reviewer image of the tile in a bathroom

    7. A shower bench so you can sit while soaking after a long day at work. This teak wood shower bench is sturdy and water-resistant. Plus its mildew-resistant and plastic-capped legs mean this bench will last you for years and years.

    reviewer image of the bench in a shower

    8. A wooden shower mat to give your bathroom a beachy vibe. The fast-drying wood prevents water from pooling around your feet and creates a more natural, boho feel.

    Two teak wood bathroom mats placed next to each other

    9. A floral bath rug that will keep your floors dry and give your bathroom a pop of color. This shaggy, heavy-duty microfiber rug is fade-resistant, dries quickly, and can grip various floors to ensure you're not slipping and sliding as you get out of the shower.

    A leaf-printed rectangular bathroom rug

    10. A fabric shower curtain with tassels at the bottom to give your bathroom a touch of elegance. These shower curtains have a woven striped design across the front and come with color-coordinated tassels hanging from the top and the hem for some serious style points.

    A striped cotton shower curtain with black tassels

    11. A vessel bathroom sink and faucet in an electrifying blue that will give your bathroom countertop an aquatic feel. This tempered glass sink comes with a sleek black faucet and tap to really wow your guests.

    the blue sink in a reviewer's bathroom

    12. A dimmable vanity light fixture for brightening up your bathroom in a chic, sleek way. The steel fixture and single bar are adjustable so you can point the three bulbs up or down, depending on your bathroom's aesthetic. Just note: Light bulbs are not included.

    the vanity lights in black

    13. A vanity mirror that will make you want to look at it as much as you look into it. A circular silhouette and beveled edges add elegance that will open up your bathroom in more ways than one.

    14. Or an LED mirror so you can add some glow to your reflection and morning selfies. This backlit mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally, illuminates in three different colors, and includes a built-in anti-fog system so you can see your beautiful mug right out of the shower.

    An LED bathroom vanity mirror hung horizontally

    15. A freestanding towel rack to keep your towel storage minimal and off the walls. So long Command hooks that operate as towel hooks on the wall! We've moved on to bigger and better racks.

    the towel rack holding a hand towel

    16. A four-piece bamboo bathroom accessory set with a soap dispenser, tumbler, toothbrush holder, and waste basket to give your bathroom an instant makeover. With its bamboo finish, this set will give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

    the whole set of bamboo bathroom accessories

    17. A soap dispenser that will look as clean as your hands should be after you use it. The best part? The sleek design means you can buy some super cheap soap from the store, toss it in here, and pretend to your guests it's the fanciest soap on the market. Huge!

    A white soap dispenser sitting on a countertop

    18. A set of new linens because your new bathroom look can't be complete without some new towels and washcloths. This six-piece set of terrycloth Egyptian cotton towels comes with two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths, and all in some seriously gorgeous colors. The real question is, how will you choose?

    the towels in different colors stacked on a counter

    19. A bathroom hardware set to help set the tone in any DIY bathroom makeover. You get a toilet paper holder, towel bar, towel ring, and towel/robe hook in matching metal finishes so your bathroom can finally have that sleek cohesive look you've been trying to master for ages.

    A oil rubbed bronze bathroom hardware set with a towel ring, toilet paper holder, towel rack, and towel/robe hanger

    20. A set of two storage baskets for you to add some nature-like feels to your bathroom. These sturdy wicker baskets offer ease of storage in your bathroom and give you a nice-looking alternative to other storage options.

    Two storage baskets with handles holding towels and a variety of other items

    21. A freestanding toilet paper holder that looks good while working hard. This toilet paper holder is doing three different jobs at once — holding the toilet paper roll that's in use, holding extra rolls of toilet paper, and potentially holding your phone while it plays TikToks since, obvi, you can't even take a break to use the bathroom. This may be encouraging bad habits...

    A chrome toilet paper holder with a section to hold spare rolls and a tray on top that is used for storage

    22. A banana leaf toilet paper holder because you want to hide the extra rolls but not sacrifice space or style. Underneath the wicker/rattan outer material is a metal frame that keeps the holder sturdy. A simple cut-out made from banana leaf is what makes this holder easy to use, allowing you to easily fill the holder and remove rolls.

    A banana leaf toilet paper holder with a wicker/rattan finish placed near a toilet

    23. A three-gallon wicker trash can sure to make your trash receptacle look better than anyone is expecting it to. This waste basket looks almost too good to be used for its original purpose, but the sturdiness of this piece and its wicker finish mean it's going to last for years and age well.

    A wicker waste basket

    24. A toilet brush for actually livening up your bathroom — especially when it looks like this. The sleek metal holder hides the cleaning brush and the bottom has a removable tray (aka you can clean the compartment that holds the cleaning tool!). Plus the contemporary design will complement any decor style.

    the black toilet brush holder

    25. A candle holder set that will give your bathroom a fun, unique edge over other bathrooms. These holders will add a touch of je ne sais quoi to your space even when the candles inside aren't lit.

    the three wire framed candle holders

    26. A four-piece bath rug set aka foundation for your new bathroom look. Coordinate your bathroom with this set that includes a bath rug, shower mat, toilet seat cover, and a contour rug in a color that works for your entire bathroom.

    A bath rug, shower rug, contour rug, toilet paper seat cover

    27. A seashell-decorated toilet seat decal to give your bathroom that coastal feel no matter how far you are from the beach. Add a little shoreside fun into your bathroom aesthetic with this easy-to-apply decal. The material is electrostatic vinyl which means it needs no adhesive — easy to remove, wipe clean, and reuse.

    A seashell decorated toilet seat decal

    28. An over-the-toilet storage rack giving you the opportunity to decorate your bathroom with additional stylish touches such as candles, faux plants, and maybe even a pic or two. Plus, it's perfect for small spaces.

    An over-the-toilet storage rack in silver over a toilet

    29. A single-bathroom vanity if you're looking for something that's simple to install but will have a major upgrade effect. This 20" bathroom vanity set comes with tool-free assembly so it's easy to put together (Read: You totally don't have to call the 'rents for this one). The ceramic surface covers the included sink, the cabinet opens up to a wide area to put supplies in, and the open shelf allows for easy storage of towels. Peak! Style!

    A navy blue bathroom vanity set with gold detailing

    30. A freestanding bathroom cabinet that will look good in your bathroom even if you don't put anything in it. But with three drawers, two shelves, and a towel rack, there is a good chance you'll be putting this pretty piece of furniture to work.

    A gray freestanding cabinet with three drawers, one door and a rack holding three baskets

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.