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    31 Storage Solutions From Target That’ll Help Even The Messiest Of People

    Keeping your place organized and neat is always a chore, but with these products, tidying up will be one of the easiest things to cross off your to-do list.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A storage tub that can hold anything from linens to toys to stuff you have a complicated relationship with and aren't ready to let go of yet.

    A storage bun

    2. A three-tier metal utility cart on wheels, because this works in a lot of different rooms. Put it in the pantry for more pantry space or in the garage for more storage space, and with wheels that lock in place, you can keep it secure anywhere you roll it.

    3-tier metal cart

    3. A over-the-door shoe organizer that is not only good for storage but it's also a space saver. With 15 pockets, you'll be able to make a dent in your shoe organization efforts.

    Shoe organizer

    4. A three-drawer cart in clear plastic to easily see what's been stored. With easy-to-pull-out handles and four-wheel portability, this is a storage solution that is sure to get plenty of usage.

    3-drawer cart

    5. A six-shelf hanging closet organizer for more storage versatility. If the dresser and shelves runneth over with linens and clothes, give them some space to breathe with this fabric organizer.

    6-shelf organizer

    6. A wire basket that keeps things tidy and looks good while doing it. With a sleek metal finish, this basket looks good anywhere you put it and if you line it with a towel, it's even more versatile.

    7. A decorative basket to give your storage a softer touch. Instead of boxes, go with a basket to give the rooms in your home a more natural aesthetic.

    Storage basket

    8. A storage ottoman that gives you more space to store and to sit. With a removable lid, you can hide away some extra pillows or another throw, and once sealed, use it as a footrest or for more seating.

    A storage ottoman

    9. A simple shoe organizer for the small kicks collection that still needs to be kept tidy. This two-tier shoe shelf is perfect for a small closet or entryway.

    A shoe shelf

    10. A chrome-handled utility cart with wire shelving and rolling casters. If your garage or work area has a more industrious look, this might be the storage cart for you.

    A metal storage cart

    11. A freestanding closet for when the amount of clothes you have is greater than your closet space allows. With three shelves and shelves on the top and bottom, this piece is going to give a room in your home the organization it needs.

    A freestanding closet

    12. A collapsible hamper with a liner that serves as a removable laundry bag. This stylish hamper almost looks too good for it to be holding your dirty laundry, but that's what it does and it does it well.

    A hamper

    13. A three-drawer closet organizer when there's no more room for hangers and you can use some more shelf space. The wood top finish and easy-to-slide drawers also mean you can use this in a pantry or as a nightstand.

    A closet organizer

    14. A six-cube organizer for books, plants, pictures, or whatever else you may want to stack in and on this piece. Flip it horizontally or vertically to accommodate the room you decide to put this unit in.

    15. A set of 10 food storage containers because your refrigerator needs to be organized, too. Let your leftovers chill in peace with these Rubbermaid containers.

    A set of food storage containers

    16. A lid organizer because let's face it, stacking lids is like building a house of cards. Save space and keep all your lids neat with the adjustable dividers.

    A lid storage

    17. A utensil storage container to add a touch of style to your countertop space. Don't let the big kitchen utensils just sit in a nondescript container, put them in this stonemade canister with beautiful script on the front.

    A utensil container

    18. A spinning turntable organizer for the bathroom supplies that you're always reaching for. It's like a lazy Susan but for the bathroom counter — keep your brushes, gels, sprays, and other grooming products an arm's reach away.

    A spinning organizer

    19. A two-tier organizer to put underneath your sink. Maximize the space under your sink with two, easy-to-slide drawers. Both drawers also have dividers to keep things sectioned off.

    A two-tier organizer

    20. A spacesaver to install right over the toilet and give even the smallest bathrooms more space. Running low on real estate on your bathroom shelf? The solution is this space-saving piece you need for your bathroom.

    A spacesaver for bathroom

    21. A shower caddy to keep your bathtub corners from overcrowding. This sturdy, wire-framed caddy hangs from your shower head and can fit most of your shower and bath essentials.

    A shower caddy

    22. A jewelry storage stand to help make your necklaces easy to find and untangled. If you're tired of feeling like you're on a treasure hunt to put on your favorite pearls, this stand will make your life easier.

    Jewelry stand

    23. An over-the-door shower caddy for those who can't hang one over their shower head. Here is your solution for anyone whose shower heads won't give you the space for a shower caddy, perfect if your shower has doors instead of curtains.

    An over-the-door shower caddy

    24. A over-the-door hook system to give your towel rack some assistance. Let the decorative towels hang from the rack, and put the hand towels and robe you intend to use on this instead.

    A six-hook over-the-door rack

    25. A two-cube organizer shelf to get those organization dreams started. These two shelves are roomy and with a 30-pound weight capacity per shelf, meaning they're strong enough to hold anything from a stack of books to a pair of dumbbells.

    A 2-cube shelf

    26. A fabric storage bin for those new shelves you bought. If you really want your organization to pop, fill it with a couple of these storage bins made from soft fabric and available in a variety of colors so you can be decorative and functional.

    A fabric storage bin

    27. A set of storage containers to hold all your dry goods. Instead of letting the flour and sugar sit in the boxes you bought them in, pour them into one of these airtight containers and keep them fresher longer.

    A set of food containers

    28. A three-tier expandable shelf for those overcrowded kitchen cabinets. Pop in one of these and you're instantly going to find your pantry has more space for more seasonings.

    An expandable shelf

    29. A turntable for your kitchen cabinets, because this will ~turn~ things around. By putting all the ingredients you keep searching for on this turntable, it's going to be easier than ever to find what you're looking for.

    A turntable

    30. A mug holder for your coffee and tea cups. This rack won't take up too much space on your countertop, but it will give you more space in your cupboard.

    Mug holder

    31. A drawer organizer so your unmatched sock collection gets its own space. Your sock and under garment drawer will no longer be a flattened pile with these dividers.

    A drawer organizer

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