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    20 Indoor Fireplaces From Wayfair That’ll Keep You Toasty Warm All Season

    Your living room is about to be lit.

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    1. An electric fireplace that will light and heat up your home in a beautiful way. With a variety of finishes and flame settings to pick from, this fireplace with a mantelpiece is going to brighten any wall you set it against.

    A c electric fireplace with mantel

    2. A wall-mounted fireplace with a stainless steel finish, because this is the perfect blend of rustic and contemporary vibes. With two heat seatings and an option to use the flame setting without heat, this fireplace can make your pad cozy all year-round.

    A wall-mounted fireplace in a stainless steel finish

    3. An electric fireplace to punctuate your mounted TV and entertainment center. This white-on-white electric fireplace is meant to serve as an accent to your entertainment console, with a recessed door that can hold the console's various pieces and be closed to enrich the elegance in your home.

    4. A electric fireplace that sits in a media stand to hold your TV, books, and other home decor. The aesthetics of this fireplace are designed to look like a real fire is burning. Remote and touchscreen control makes it easy to adjust the settings.

    A tv stand with a fireplace included in brown.

    5. A backlit wall-mounted fireplace to add some extra glow to your fire. With 13 different backlight colors to choose from, the ambience alone from this fireplace will add some ambience to your space, whether you're hosting a party or going for a chill vibe.

    A wall mounted fireplace with a backlight

    6. A freestanding electric fireplace that can be moved around to any area of your space for added glow and heat. No wall mount necessary for this cozy piece of furniture.

    A free-standing electric fireplace

    7. A classic-looking fireplace with cutting-edge technology and powerful heating capabilities. This fireplace comes with an adjustable thermostat that can heat a space up to 1,000 square feet, Cool Touch technology, and a wood and stone-brick facade.

    8. A compact electric fireplace, because this can heat up your space without taking all of it up. There are no hot surfaces, which makes it safe around pets and good for children's rooms, plus cabinet construction means you will also get a touch of decor wherever you put it.

    9. An electric fireplace that will look like a piece of contemporary art when you hang it on the wall. With a circular firebox and three LED colors that illuminate from behind, this unique fireplace is going to look good even when the flames are off.

    Red circular fireplace mounted on the wall

    10. An electric fireplace for the corner of any room in your home. This slender piece illuminates a 3D log fame effect near the base and has oscillating and timing features for powerful, vast heating.

    A tubular-shaped black electric fireplace

    11. A half-moon-shaped fireplace with 3D flames that might make guests think you have two stoves. This classic-looking piece is compact enough to fit in a lot of areas but with two heat modes, it will warm your place up no matter where it stands.

    A half-moon shaped fireplace in black

    12. A three-paned glass fireplace with a realistic log set that you can enjoy from almost any seat in your home. With five adjustable speed and brightness settings, plus an automatic timer that can shut off anytime between 30 minutes and 9 hours, you can comfortably enjoy the warmth this fireplace will provide.

    13. A wooden fireplace you can hide when it's time to cool things down and put out the flames. This fireplace insert has a louvered door on Euro hinges that can close when you want it but when it's open, a gentle rolling fire illuminates.

    A fireplace insert with cabinet in tan

    14. A wall-mounted fireplace with extra shelving surrounding it. This fireplace has plenty of space for you to store and decorate, including six shelves and a two-tiered mantel. But no matter how you decorate it, the ambience will come from the artificial flickering flame illuminating the middle.

    A six-shelf electric fireplace with a two-tiered mantel in white

    15. An electric log set that looks like the real thing, but won't set off any smoke alarms. If you have a chimney at home but don't want to clean up any ash or soot, these electric logs are your answer. The dancing flames illuminate your chimney, and the heater's overheat protection will keep your family protected from any mishaps.

    An electric log set in a chimney

    16. An electric fireplace to take you back in time. Equipped with a standpipe for aesthetics, this fireplace resembles an oven you'd find in the 18th century, so if you're going for an old-country-home vibe, this piece will help tell the story.

    A black electric stove with standpipe

    17. A decorative electric fireplace – it'll look good even when it's turned off. This sleek heater is an eye-catching way to heat up a small space with its black glass front panel. The heat setting option also has a dimmer to help create the right vibe.

    A black wall-mounted electric fireplace

    18. A contemporary electric fireplace that will create a light show in your home. This piece comes with a number of LED colors and effects so not only does it heat your home up, it is the perfect way to brighten up a gallery wall.

    Wall mounted electric fireplace in black

    19. A standalone electric fireplace to make your space warmer and cuter. Don't be fooled by the size of this electric stove — just because it's small does not mean it's any less powerful. The adjustable thermostat and infrared powered heat goes up to 1,000 square feet of space.

    A standalone electric fireplace in Black

    20. An electric fireplace that is easy to move around the home. Sitting atop four wheels, this fireplace will warm up any space in your home that has a chill. However, with enough power to heat up to 1,000 square feet, you might be able to stay toasty while keeping it in park.

    An electric fireplace on wheels in mahogany

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