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11 Reasons You Need "Joy" In Your Life

For starters, it stars J. Law. Be inspired by the true story of a powerful self-made woman named Joy. Out now.

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1. Meet Joy, an everyday woman turned entrepreneur SLASH inventor.

2. She started from humble beginnings, but went on to invent the Miracle Mop and build a billion-dollar business empire.

3. Her story will remind you that life doesn't always turn out exactly how you planned, and that's OK.

4. Because you can still slay as a single parent with two kids, two mortgages, and a crappy job.

(Bradley Cooper helps too.)

5. She'll show you how one idea can change your life.

6. And that the way you'll get places is through hard work, patience, and humility.

7. It'll make your own crazy family seem normal (by comparison).

8. And remind you of all the reasons why you'd do anything for them.

9. Joy might even make you recognise your own ambitions.

10. And inspire you to turn your ideas into realities.

11. And you'll never let anyone tell you that you can't do something again.

Cheers to that!

All images courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.

Discover the inspirational true story of Joy, a woman who never lost sight of her dreams and went on to lead a billion-dollar empire, when Joy hits cinemas this Boxing Day.

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