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    Shay Mitchell Got Real About Dealing With Mommy Shamers On Social Media

    "I definitely don't have time for it."

    Shay Mitchell doesn’t have time for mommy shamers.

    The Pretty Little Liars alum recently told People how she learned to ignore any negative comments about her parenting skills on social media.

    "You're doing the best job that you can do, and that should be your main focus," she said. "I give all of my time and energy to Atlas and things that are important in my life.”

    “Focusing on the negative comments that people say on social media is definitely not one of my priorities,” Mitchell added.

    The actor noted that she doesn’t “pay attention to the mom-shaming” because she “[doesn’t] have time for it."

    "I just have to do what feels right for me, as I think any parents should, and focus on that," Mitchell said.

    "Life is too short to be worried about what this person and that person is saying," she continued. "And I definitely don't have time for it. There're way better things that I could be doing, and everybody else should be as well."

    Mitchell doesn’t need any negativity in her life, especially if it’s from one of her haters.

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