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    Saweetie Knew It Was True Love With Quavo When He Gave Her His "Last Piece Of Chicken"

    “The Bentley is cool but I’m really into intimacy."

    Some people love grand gestures, but, for Saweetie, it's all about the little things — like, just sharing the food on your plate. When Quavo did that, that's when she knew it was true love.

    “The moment I realized that Quavo really loved me is when he saved me some of his food,” she told Page Six. “He gave me his last piece of chicken.”

    “I wasn’t testing him or anything,” the “My Type” rapper continued. “I’ll be coming out of a Zoom meeting or done doing something and he would have saved me some of his food.”

    Saweetie explained “those are the things that really matter” in life, even though Quavo gifted her a brand new Bentley for Christmas 2020.

    At the end of the day, Saweetie will always appreciate “the things that have no price on them.”

    “The Bentley is cool but I’m really into intimacy and how you treat me with my emotional feels,” she said.

    Now, we too, know the way to her heart.