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    McDonald's Announced "The Saweetie Meal" And It Looks Complicated AF

    "McDonald’s employees gonna be FED TF UP."

    I’m loving it?!

    Earlier today, McDonald's announced that they’ll be teaming up with Saweetie for their new celebrity meal collaboration.

    The fast-food chain said the Saweetie meal will consist of a “Big Mac, four-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, medium Sprite, Tangy BBQ Sauce and ‘Saweetie ‘N Sour' Sauce,” which is basically Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce.

    Saweetie is getting her own McDonald’s meal 🍔🍟

    @XXL / Via Twitter: @XXL

    And you’ll also get a chance to remix the meal in four different ways.

    You’ll also be able to “remix” the Saweetie meal 👀

    @XXL / Via Twitter: @XXL

    But even though this sounds exciting, fans couldn’t help but express their disappointment about how complicated Saweetie’s new menu is.

    @XXL McDonald’s employees gonna be FED TF UP HAHA

    @papipompis / Via Twitter: @papipompis

    @papipompis @XXL putting sauce on top of the bun is legit psycho shit

    @jmartel1912 / Via Twitter: @jmartel1912

    @Juan_Won_One @XXL Why isn’t there any buns 🤣🤣

    @oreoman96 / Via Twitter: @oreoman96

    @XXL this shit is mad wild, the laziest combos i’ve ever seen, top bun missing? just nuggets over fries like they steak fries from the taco truck 😂🤣 just patties with fries 🤷🏾‍♂️ who eats like that?

    @MyImmatureMind / Via Twitter: @MyImmatureMind

    @XXL They’re just putting BS together at this point. All of these choices look chaotic 🥴😂.

    @ZEB8462 / Via Twitter: @ZEB8462

    The limited-time meal also comes with “icy new packaging,” which is inspired by Saweetie’s 2018 breakout song, “Icy Grl.”

    “McDonald’s and I run deep — from growing up back in Hayward, California, all through my college days — so I had to bring my icy gang in on my all-time favorites,” Saweetie said about her new meal in a statement.

    “Depending on the mood I’m in, there are so many ways to enjoy my order. I like to keep things fresh,” she added along with her “Fast (Motion)” lyric, “I know that’s right.”

    The “Saweetie Meal” will be available on August 9. If it’s anything like the BTS, Travis Scott, and J Balvin meal, then you know it’ll sell out fast.

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