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    Priyanka Chopra Was In "Complete Shock" That Nick Jonas Proposed To Her Two Months Into Dating

    “When he knows, he knows.”

    Priyanka Chopra understands why some people were shocked when Nick Jonas proposed to her just two months after they started dating, because she felt the same way too.

    "I didn’t expect the proposal at that point. ... It was two months!" she recalled to Elle UK about the romantic moment. "I thought it would happen, but it was still a complete shock.”

    Chopra said she decided to “[relinquish] control” and get engaged to Jonas because she secretly “wanted something serious” with the singer. Also, she admired his confidence.

    “One thing to know about my husband is that when he makes up his mind, he’ll get what he wants!” Chopra gushed. “When he knows, he knows.”

    “There’s such a sublime confidence to it that you can’t help but be like, 'OK,’” she continued.

    The couple got engaged in July 2018 and then they got married just five months later.

    In December 2020, they celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary by sharing touching tributes on Instagram. Chopra wrote, “2 years down... forever to go.”

    Jonas said, “Two years married to the most wonderful, inspiring and beautiful woman. Happy anniversary, @Priyankachopra. I love you.” Aww!

    These two are literally the most adorable couple. I'm happy they got engaged quickly, because they deserve to be together!