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    Nicki Minaj's Son Saying Hi To Her Fans Is The Most Adorable Thing You'll Hear Today

    "Aww, you said hi to the Barbz."

    Nicki Minaj gave us a sweet treat on Black Friday when she shared an adorable recording of her son saying “hi to the Barbz.”

    "Say hi," Nicki told him. "Whatcha doin'? Say somethin'!"

    BET / Via

    When her son adorably cooed, Nicki congratulated him for addressing her fans.

    Twitter/ @nickiminaj / Via Twitter: @NICKIMINAJ

    "Aww, you said hi to the Barbz," she gushed. "Good boy. Good boy!"

    Back in September, Nicki welcomed her son into the world after keeping her pregnancy a secret. A few weeks after he was born, she shared a cute photo of his foot and captioned the pic, “Happy Anniversary, my love.”

    If Nicki continues to post like this, then we’ll see a photo of his face in no time. Judging by his voice, he already sounds like a great little guy!

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