Megan Fox Revealed Her Cute Nicknames For Machine Gun Kelly, And I Never Would Have Guessed Them

    This is the last time I'm going to call him MGK.

    Megan Fox has a bunch of sweet nicknames for Machine Gun Kelly, and none of them are MGK.

    During a recent appearance on Fox 5 New York, Fox revealed what she likes to call her beau, and they’re all absolutely adorable.

    "I call him ‘cookie,' I call him ‘buddha,' I call him ‘booby,'" Fox said. "There's lots of names."

    Fox also opened up about her crush on Angelina Jolie and said that she doesn’t think her boyfriend would mind her daydreaming about the actor.

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    "I can't imagine he would have a problem with it," she said. "I think he would survive, I think he can hang in there for that one."

    Fox has been crushing on Jolie for the longest time, and she said her feelings for the star still haven’t changed.

    "I do think I said that a decade ago, but I stand by it, I stick with it," she gushed.

    Kelly is one lucky guy! His girlfriend has a crush on one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and he has the cutest nickname known to all mankind.