Megan Fox "Absolutely Destroyed" Machine Gun Kelly In "40 Something Matches" Of "Mortal Kombat"

    "[I] destroyed him every time we fought."

    Megan Fox is a pro at Mortal Kombat!

    In a recent interview with People, the actor said that she introduced her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, to the game and “destroyed” him in every match.

    "He's not a big gamer. He's obviously a musician spending, like, every second of his life working and touring, [so] he never really got into games," Fox said.

    "However, boys just naturally assume that they're gonna be better than you at gaming, it's just for whatever reason,” she continued. “It's just this thing that exists out there."

    But since MGK never saw his partner play Mortal Kombat before, he didn’t know what to expect when they started gaming.

    "He'd never seen me play ... so we got the latest Mortal Kombat,” Fox explained. “We downloaded it, and I crushed him.”

    "Like, destroyed him every time we fought,” she laughed. “We did, like, 40 something matches, and I absolutely destroyed him every time."

    Fox is such a great gamer that she agreed to battle DJ Khaled in a 90-minute Fortnite match on May 12 for LG's upcoming Only on OLED's live celebrity gaming battle.

    This is going to be good!