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    Lily Allen Answered Questions About Her Liposuction And Her Workout Routine During Her Instagram AMA

    Lily Allen got real with her fans during a Q&A session.

    We all know and love Lily Allen, our "Fuck You" and "Smile" Queen.

    Well, recently she jumped on Instagram to do an AMA on her stories, and she shared so much!!!!

    @lilyallen / Via Instagram: @lilyallen

    We learned she once had liposuction. “Yeah, I had lipo once on my bum many years ago,” Allen said.

    “I was with this guy and he was like ‘What are these scars?’” she continued. “And I was so embarrassed. I said, 'It's from a hip replacement.'”

    We also learned about Allen's workout routine.

    “Well, I just do a workout online with my personal trainer,” Allen revealed. “And I do that five times a week.”

    One more thing we learned was that Allen met her husband, David, “in a dressing room area of a chat show.”

    “You know, it's kind of fab,” she said about married life with her hubby. “I can't complain. My husband is a delight and I'm feeling pretty good these days.”

    Allen is so honest about her life, and that's one of the things that I love about her.

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