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    Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is Obviously Celebrating Kamala Harris' Historic Win

    "‘Madam Vice President’ is no longer a fictional character."

    It’s official: Kamala Harris is the vice president-elect of the United States — and Julia Louis-Dreyfus couldn’t be any happier.

    The actor and comedian spent seven seasons playing the first female VP of America in Veep, and now she can proudly tell her two kids that a woman has actually taken office.

    “‘Madam Vice President’ is no longer a fictional character @KamalaHarris,” she said on Instagram shortly after it was announced that Harris and Joe Biden won.

    Julia celebrated the good news by baking a cake with Biden’s first name on it shaped as the American flag.

    “Democracy endures. Congratulations to our President-Elect @JoeBiden and our first female Vice-President-Elect @KamalaHarris,” she wrote. “Mr. President-Elect, enjoy your ice cream today. Would you like some cake to go with it?”

    Democrats across America were celebrating Biden and Harris’ victory. But one day Julia won’t forget is the day Harris joined forces with Biden and put her name on his ticket.

    The Seinfeld star kept a copy of the news splashed across the front page of The New York Times and said that she was going to save it “forever.”

    Now that Biden and Harris are elected, we wonder how Julia will celebrate when the duo start their first 100 days in office?