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    Kevin Jonas Hilariously Recalled When The Jonas Brothers Were Stranded "In The Middle Of Nowhere" By An Angry Bus Driver

    "[He] left us in the middle of nowhere for more than 12 hours."

    If you don’t plan on buying the Jonas Brothers’ new memoir, Blood, then you might want to after you hear this crazy story that Kevin Jonas shared in it.

    The singer recalled a time he and his brothers were left stranded “in the middle of nowhere for more than 12 hours” after their tour bus driver decided not to drive the bus.

    According to Kevin, this happened before the band was famous, so at the time, everyone was struggling to pay their bills, and it didn’t help that their father, Kevin Jonas Sr., was scrambling to find the funds for them to continue their tour.

    “One time, as we were driving through the Midwest, the bus driver pulled over to the shoulder of the road,” Kevin wrote per People.

    “He called Dad and told him, ‘If you don't pay me what you owe me soon, I'm gonna kick them out of the bus and leave them on the side of the highway, and that will be goddamn that,’” he continued.

    “And true to his word, he pulled over one day on the side of the highway, said the bus had broken down, and left us in the middle of nowhere for more than 12 hours until my dad paid him.”

    Wow. Looks like the Jonas Brothers didn’t have an easy road to fame.

    Blood will be released on November 9 by Dey Street Books. This is one memoir I can’t wait to read!