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    Joe Keery Revealed His Unusual Haircare Routine That's Making Everyone Scratch Their Heads

    Now we know.

    Joe Keery makes his own rules when it comes to his hair.

    During a recent interview with GQ, the Stranger Things star revealed that he doesn’t wash his hair, and he doesn’t go to a barbershop and pay to get a haircut.

    The actor said that haircuts simply happen to him, and no matter what, he'll barely touch his hair.

    The only time he might break this rule is if he’s contemplating something and unknowingly moves his hair out of his face.

    However, his haircare routine seems to be working for him because Keery was recently approached to be the spokesperson for a haircare brand.

    They promised a “bunch of money,” he said. But after thinking it over, Keery decided to pass on the deal.

    “I think it would just be so lame for the majority of people,” he said. “It would be a sellout move. Don't you think?”

    Keery is always thinking about his fans. At least now we know how he achieves his gravity-defying locks.