Jessica Chastain Posted A Hilarious TikTok Asking People To Stop Comparing Her To Bryce Dallas Howard

    "I'm f**king sick of it."

    Jessica Chastain is tired of being mistaken for actor Bryce Dallas Howard!

    Chastain set the record straight when she posted a hilarious TikTok earlier today of her mouthing the words of KingDiaaa2’s iconic "Sick of It" video.


    This isn’t the parent trap y’all

    ♬ Sick Of It - KingDiaaa2

    "When you spend 20 years building a career and they still think you work at Jurassic Park," she wrote on top of the clip while referencing Howard’s role in Jurassic World.

    Chastain and Howard look so much alike that Howard’s father once thought the Molly’s Game star was his daughter when he was shopping at the Apple store.

    And he isn’t the only one who has thought they looked alike. Chastain and Howard also noticed their similar features when they acted alongside each other in The Help. That was the first time they met.

    Jessica Chastain (L) and Bryce Dallas Howard attend kate spade new york and Bryce Dallas Howard's Celebration of Women In Film

    "The first time we met, we went to the table read and looked at each other, because we both get it all the time,” Chastain previously said in an interview. “And we grabbed each other's hands and said, 'Let's go to the mirror.’”

    When the two stars looked at each other’s faces, that’s when they learned why people mistake them for each other.

    Bryce Dallas Howard (R) and Jessica Chastain arrives at Sony Pictures Classics 20th Anniversary Party

    “We went to the mirror and looked at our faces and went, 'Yeah, we look exactly alike,’” she laughed. "There are little things about us that are different, but we definitely look like kin.”

    Chastain said that being compared to Howard is "a compliment” because she’s a very “fabulous” person.

    But even though they look alike, Chastain wants to make it absolutely clear that she’s her own person — and, of course, so is Howard.

    Bryce Dallas Howard (L) and Jessica Chastain attend Kate Spade New York and Bryce Dallas Howard's Celebration of Women in Film