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    Corinne Foxx Hilariously Recalled The Times Jamie Foxx Was "Over-The-Top" Embarrassing

    "He's very charismatic."

    Jamie Foxx has a new Netflix series, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!, in which he plays a single parent who learns about fatherhood while raising his independent daughter.

    Corinne Foxx (L) and Jamie Foxx attend the 2019 FOX Upfront

    The Academy Award winner and his daughter Corinne recently appeared on CBS This Morning: Saturday to talk about all the times he embarrassed her as a kid.

    "He's very charismatic and he's an entertainer, and that's great when he's an actor," Corinne explained. "But when he's a dad, that's the last thing a teenage daughter wants her dad to be, which is over-the-top and drawing attention to himself."

    "Wait a minute!” Jamie chimed in.

    "You are kinda more over-the-top!" Corinne continued. "We had all these hilarious stories, and we thought, 'Why not make these episodes of a TV show?'"

    Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! made Jamie realize that he might have embarrassed Corinne a few times when she was a child.

    "I think all dads think they're the dopest,” he said. “But your kids be like, 'Eh, this corny dude!'"

    "Once she started the cheerleading squad, we started our cheerleading squad for her,” the actor continued. “We would show up at the games with a picture of her on our T-shirts.”

    “We wanted to just show her that we love her,” he said. “And even though it was embarrassing for her at the time, it's what I call 'Good embarrassing.'"

    Despite his actions, Corinne said she would still give her dad an “A+” when it comes to being a supportive parent.

    "He thinks the world of us, and we can feel it,” she gushed. “And that's really powerful for a young girl to grow up and have such a strong father figure in her life."

    Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! premieres on April 14 — and it sounds like it's going to be pretty funny.