Gwyneth Paltrow Revealed How She Talks To Her Kids About Sex And I Think Every Parent Should Take Notes

    "Luckily in middle school, they had a very thorough sex education."

    Gwyneth Paltrow’s kids are getting older, and they’re starting to talk to their mom about sex.

    During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Paltrow revealed exactly what she tells her kids when they have any questions about being intimate.

    “Stay really close to your own truth,” she said. “I think the main thing that nobody ever tells you is you have to stay really close to your own truth, and you have to stay really in integrity with that truth.”

    “Because when you are in a relationship and you are not being your full self, you are sublimating things, or you are white-knuckling through something, and I think it can be pretty damaging to how you feel about yourself,” Paltrow continued.

    “I will always just encourage my children to really listen to themselves, listen to their instincts, listen to if something, you know, feels right, and to act from that place.”

    Although she might have her own opinions on the matter, Paltrow said she tries to remain very “neutral” when her kids talk to her about sex.

    “I think my generation, we got a lot of messages around sex that made us feel bad about it. I try to just be curious,” the Goop founder said.

    “And teenagers are never going to want to talk to their parents about sex ever, so I sort of follow their lead, and luckily in middle school they had a very thorough sex education, so the school handled the kind of birds-and-the-bees parts, and then I am there for any questions,” Paltrow continued.

    “But the questions are pretty minimal.”

    Thankfully, Paltrow’s kids can always count on her to have a mature conversation about sex. This is what it means to be a supportive parent.