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    Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade Made A Book Inspired By Daughter Kaavia's Shadiness And I Can't Wait To Read It

    "It was very clear when she came into the world."

    Make room, because the Queen of Shade is here!

    During a recent appearance on E! News’ Daily Pop, parents Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade said that they believe their daughter Kaavia James has a “superpower” for being shady.

    "It was very clear when she came into the world, and we all thought it was a little weird, having a baby so young to be able to get facial expressions and using their eyes," Wade explained. "But then we realized where it came from: It was a reaction to other people."

    Union agreed and said their daughter doesn’t like people talking to her like a baby. "Speak to me normal!" she laughed.

    So the duo wrote their new children’s book, Shady Baby, after their daughter. The picture book teaches kids how to turn shade into their very own “superpower.”

    "Shade is just acknowledging something bad is happening or something not so great is happening, and when a little Black girl can help lead those corrections and use her voice, let's do that," Union explained.

    The actor also said that Shady Baby is a "fun" read because it’s full of "jokes” and “some glam" to help kids understand the message.

    Shady Baby was released today, and if you want to know why Union and Wade think their daughter is so shady, then just check out her Instagram page. Kaavia is quickly becoming a social media sensation!