Channing Tatum Learned The Hard Way About Using A Vacuum To Style His Daughter's Hair

    "I tried it, and it didn't work as well."

    Channing Tatum is still learning how to do his daughter Everly’s hair.

    During a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the actor said he once tried to use a vacuum to style Everly’s hair into a ponytail after he was having a hard time achieving the look on his own.

    "I completely panicked when I found out we were having a girl," the Magic Mike XXL star admitted. "I literally went to YouTube and started figuring out, like, I think the first one I saw was a dad vacuuming up his daughter's hair with a hair tie on the vacuum, and I was like, that's genius."

    However, when Tatum tried to imitate the look, it didn’t go as planned.

    "It doesn't work like the guy did it," Tatum said. "I tried it, and it didn't work as well."

    Over the years, Tatum has gotten better at doing his daughter’s hair, especially when it comes to braiding.

    "I learned how to braid hair," he said. "The hardest thing, though, is my daughter has really straight, fine hair. I have to do this every night, or she wakes up with a rat's nest. It's like a giant knot back there."

    Tatum noted that even though he’s become a pro at braiding, he still has a hard time doing "three close-to-the-head equal strands" since his daughter has layered hair.

    “I'll always get a third of the way through and I'll realize that one strand is a lot shorter than the other ones,” he said. “And my OCD kicks in, and I have to restart, and then it's just terrible."

    Don’t worry, Channing. You’re doing a great job! You can catch the rest of his interview with Clarkson below:

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