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    Ashley Tisdale Got Real About Learning To Love Her Post-Baby Body

    "I still don't feel comfortable in my body.”

    Ashley Tisdale is learning how to love her post-baby body after she welcomed her daughter Jupiter in March.

    "I've worked my butt off,” she explained on her lifestyle website Frenche. “Whether it's hiking, pilates, riding on my Peloton, and yet, I still don't feel comfortable in my body.”

    "Yes, I started to fit into some jeans again, but not the size I was wearing before,” Tisdale continued. “Everyone keeps saying that it takes time — it takes time growing the baby and it takes time losing the baby weight. And you know what? That's the truth."

    Social media hasn’t been helping the High School Musical star feel good about her body either.

    "Instagram can really fuck with your head… like really fuck with your head," she wrote. "There are so many models and influencers that I've compared my own personal journey in 'bouncing back' to.”

    “And then, I'm like wait they just had a baby and they look like that??"

    It wasn’t until Tisdale spoke with some of her mom friends that she realized she didn’t have it that bad.

    "I was recently at a friend's place and two moms who just had babies were there saying how great I looked and that they wished they could fit into jeans," she recalled.

    "Here they were thinking that I looked great and yet I'm at home looking in the mirror thinking I could look better,” Tisdale continued. “That's when I realized we can't compare our bodies to each other."

    The actor said she realized that it’s best to “be kind to yourself” and that there’s no need to compare yourself to other people.

    "It's okay to set a goal and be inspired by others,” she said. “But we should all truly love ourselves and our bodies in every season." I couldn’t agree more!

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